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NL: hi how are u?

: I am fine, how abt u?

NL: fine

我:good to hear

NL: Hezt, this is XXXX.

我:I know who you are.

NL:Pls contact me k. 01XXXXXX .Have u bought u dream house dear?

我:Well, yes, I moved , and I moved on


NL: Good. I am at home alone. Drop by if u want, k?

我:still staying in the old place?

NL: Yeah. u still work at d same place?

我:what's your body shape now?

NL: been busy but still maintain. Come over. I missed u smile. You look good.

我:send me your latest pic

NL: k. u tel no?

我:email me will do

NL: Don't know how to do that.. he he

我:so where is your bf?

NL: I broke off august 2008. I told u what.




我:the 3rd one or the 4th one? So now you are back to sex hunter life again?

NL: 3rd. Maybe no more bf after this. Am slowing down.

It be nice to hug u warm body again if u let me. I've missed u all this while n never give up to be u friend until u told me not to contact u.

Every time i see your pic in the net i feel sad. Pls forgive me n believe me i was trying to protect u dear.

It be nice to see u at my place again n hug u every time after u had shower. if u come i will try to cook again... he he. Where u now dear?


我:Did you make up the gang bang story?YES OR NO.

NL: no....What gang bang story?

我:so it did happen?

NL: am not sure what u talking about

我:A guy came to visit your place, and he's been raped while waiting you outside your house. Because you are lying that's why you didn't remember all this bullshit.

You are a nice person I know but I can' t stand that you humiliating my intelligence.

Making up this kind of crap just to break off with me, it's really ridiculous. How many times I've heard your crap in the name of protections?

NL: that is my ex. he made up the story to show how what he had to go through to be with me. its not my story.

我:Well, you used his story to break up with me. You asked me not to come to your house anymore because it's dangerous. So you are part of the lie and a lier too, technically.

During the initial stage everytime I left your house, you said you feel like a dumped whore.

I tried to stay and things developed, and if you wanna move back to fuck -n-go relationship, you can tell me straight forward.

You don't have to make up such terrible story. I was devastated by your endless lies.

Now it's your defence, please.

NL: I don't know how to convince u anymore. both my 2nd n 3rd ex had life issues.

I tried to help them the best I can until he attack my friends n family with bad sms. that when i decided to break off with him.

He still sms me until now n i keep it as a proof. I made 2 police report. i show u when we meet, k?

我:What do you want from me now? Trust? A smiling face? OR A FUCKHOLE?

NL: u are a intelligent guy. Why cant u listen to both sides n judge later.

I understand u are very angry. If i am a bad person u think i had 7 yers with the 2nd n 2 years with my 3rd.

Would i feel n still care about u n think about u all this while? I remember n keep u sms which said"please dont forget me" which make me very sad but i lost that handphone.

I am still in good term with my 1st bf n we keep in touch n go out.

For a start i want us to be friends at the speed that u comfortable with.Than we let nature takes its course k.

I have always tell my close friends of how nice u are, when u see me at Dome in Lot 10 with a kwailo that is my first bf.

I wanted to walk n say Hi to u but i think u are not ready to forgive me cause u misunderstood me. I hope after this we can be friends again.

我:Few points I need to clarify.

1. I don't think I've ever sms you that kind of SMS..

2. I did not see you after 2006, not even once. I think you totally forgot how do I look like. I hardly go to DOME

3. I don't have a chance to listen the both side story, if you insist, let me talk to your 2nd BF.

NL: I cant proof to u on that matter because i lost the hp. I had never change my tel number since I had my first hp. Why cause i want to keep in touch with most of my friends.

我:and you said "Than we let nature takes its course" but previously you said "no more BF", so you are contradicting yourself.

You just use this as a facade to get a convenient fuckbuddy.

NL: My 2nd BF is out of my reach now. I give up on him since he didnt keep in touch with me a few years after he moved to Peneng.

He is based in UK but travel to US n Europe for work. I ask him to take his things but he ask me to throw them away but i still keep them.

Even his orchid plant is still at my balcony. All i want in each ex bf is to keep in touch but they dont want i cant do anything.


我覺得他真的有些瘋了,他以前每次也用這種口吻對我說話──自怨自艾來博取憐愛,那時我們在一起時,就是一場PITY FEST


我:Perhaps your 2nd BF just wasn't the villain but you are in stead!

I think that you are mentally unsound.

I suggest you to seek for some professional helps.

Be strong and love yourself more. You won't feel lonely even you are lonely.

I feel so sorry for you now.


NL: hei u or me can't predict what the future holds for us.

Remember if u keep judging others n so does others.

U are part of my life that i cherish. I still keep u towel n t shirt. U cant go on like this being angry about things u not sure of. Its not healthy.

U can hate me but u cant stop me for thanking god for sending u into my life.

If u think what i did is wrong n not fair to u then put urself in my shoes. I had a sick father to care for n a job.....

Thank u for chatting n letting me explain some of the issues u wanted to know.

Please forgive me for my mistakes n wrong doings but one thing for sure u always have a special place in my heart.

PS: i tot of writing a book about my life. I let u read it if God still let me be alive to complete it.

Nite sayang.




NL: i dont know how to safe this chat we had, can u teach me. tq


NL: k. nite than








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Angel 說...

我正在遭遇着和你相同的事情 ,我和他分分合合了不知道多少次 ?每一次下定决心离开他的时候,他就像椰酱饭一样不断地道歉,解释,然后情话 。

和你一样,我识破了他一些解释(谎言);但有时候他的解释却让我觉得自己误会了他 。他平时是一个骄傲自大的人,道歉不是他日常生活会做的事,所以每每他像椰酱饭一样贬低自己贬得卑微的时候,都往往会打动到我 。

我上个星期又开始「又」和他分开了,然后他透过 msn 向我解释+道歉+情话 ,就像一个完整的程序/配套 。但我仍然还没正式地接受他的配套,也在犹豫当中 。

身边的朋友都劝我离开 ,因为一个值得你爱的人,不应该是弄得你那么不开心... 但偏偏就是心理还爱着他而犹豫不决... 有时候想想,只要忍一下痛,熬过了,或许前面还有更好的人在等着 ?

像你说的:Well, yes, I moved , and I moved on

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匿名 說...

Hetz, u r a pretty asshole and yr ass just too itchy... u still talk about nasi lemak and still like him u r... i pity u.

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