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NLHope you had a good day so far sayang. Call me if you miss me.

我:I’m not dare to call you during weekends, as I assume you’ll be at Penang.

NLAm in KL now. It’s not like that. No matter what happends if you allow me I want us to be friends.

我:Only to be friends? What are we before and after?

NLBefore someone special and after we have to see what God have and store for us.

我:I felt disturbing whether your Ex still a special person for you, at least now. I also wanna know the detail of that issues. Anyway, God have the answer, which is never known for me.

NLThe issue is money. I am sorry if it hurts you. Miss your smile.


NLGood morning. I got you wrong. The special person is you. Ex is just a friend now. I’m trying to get him out off my life. Can’t do that if our finance issue is not settled yet.



NLGood night Sayang. Sweet dreams. I hope you come into my dreams.




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